Kumho Petrochemical strengthens R&D capabilities for future growth

Kumho Petrochemical strengthens R&D capabilities for future growth

A Kumho Petrochemical technician at the company's central research institute. Courtesy of Kumho Petrochemical
A Kumho Petrochemical technician at the company’s central research institute. Courtesy of Kumho Petrochemical

Kumho Petrochemical group plans to secure future growth potential through technological innovation and strengthened R&D capabilities. Eyeing the fast changing petrochemical market and executing preemptive R&D investments have become the secrets of Kumho Petrochemical Group’s success in maintaining a technological lead in the industry. Despite fierce competition and uncertainties, the company has been focusing more on research to secure technological competitiveness.

Its first strategy, the company says, is to do better in the fields in which it already has strengths and further expand the technological gap with rivals.

It plans to focus on R&D into NB Latex materials, which are used to develop nitrile or synthetic rubber gloves, and develop superior products.

In particular, the durability and tensile strength of NB Latex will be enhanced, while research is being done to reduce the weight of the synthetic material.

The company is also conducting research into solid synthetic rubber, which is widely used to manufacture vehicle tires. Recently, the company succeeded in developing irHigh-Styrene SSBR, which is used to manufacture ultra-high performance (UHP) tires, and plans to expand its presence in this market. SSBR is a key material in making tires and it aims to diversify the use of the synthetic rubber into making the shoe soles.

Kumho Petrochemical has been diversifying its product line-up to match toughened environmental rules in the low-carbon and eco-friendly era. In the carbon nano tube research sector, the company has developed and commercialized CNT materials that are used to develop lithium-ion secondary batteries. CNT is a key material that helps the flow of electricity in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The company plans to increase sales of CNT materials and continue R&D.

Kumho P&B Chemicals is searching for new opportunities in the high value product market through increased R&D. In line with the global expansion of renewable energy use and carbon neutrality trend, the company aims to develop epoxy that is used to develop blades for wind power generators and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Kumho Polychem, meanwhile, is doing research to reduce the noise, vibration and weight of synthetic rubber EPDM which is used to make eco-friendly EVs. (Advertorial) (The Korea Times)

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